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We at Yuksom Breweries Limited understands the need for a quality brew in a culture prevalent with rich brewing tradition, along with an attitude for good taste was established in 1987.

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Flour, saffron and cardamom infuse freshly leavened bread in the small bakeries scattered across from Kabul to Kolkata: Taftoon. Warm, filling, aromatic flatbread that binds disparate regions, all along the Grand Trunk Road.

Rudyard Kipling described the Grand Trunk Road as ‘a river of life as nowhere else exists in the world’. A ceaseless stream that runs from Kabul and Peshawar in the West, through the heart and hinterlands of northern India, to Kolkata in the East, carrying people, their cultures and traditions, their cuisines, along with this living route. Taftoon is an ode to the flavours of the Grand Trunk Road, the orthern axis of the Indian subcontinent from the 16th Century. It is an exploration of authentic recipes recreated for the modern day.



“..dishes are consistently well-researched and well-balanced. Happy that the breadth and bounty of regional India along the GT road has been brought into the glossier reaches of Mumbai’s dining scene. Balle Balle on the highway!”

Rashmi Uday Singh (Times of India)

“Good food often has a backstory and a memory attached to it. Each of Taftoon’s dishes digs into a past that most of us are not familiar with and stories that have disappeared through the times. Eating here was an introduction to food traditions that have been looked over and a chance to introspect on our Indian culture and identity. Go challenge yourself with familiar yet new flavours, and learn about the time gone by though your tastebuds”.

Ruchika Agarwal (Mumbai Foodie)

“... we’re certain to return to this trading route where the cocktails are made with care, and are full of promise, and meals can turn into feasts with the right kind of ordering”.

Brown Paper Bag


A saga of time and travel, of a legacy steeped in history and geography, of stories exalted to folk-lore while several yet untold.”

At Taftoon we re-tell these stories in a language that is understood beyond boundaries and walls; the simple yet profound language of gastronomy.

For more than two millennia The Grand Trunk Road has been the northern axis of the Indian subcontinent from Kabul in the west to Chittagong in the east. It has been eulogized by great emperors, tradesmen and writers alike. Along the route civilizations thrived and grew as did the culture; where it was beautifully hemmed in, refined and enriched.

This second edition of our menu endeavors to bring new representations from the deep, rich and vast region that our wagon traverses on.

The culinary story and the expanse of The Grand Trunk road is so elephantine and diverse that it can consume a few lifetimes to cover and still be unfinished. So as we touch the milestone of completing two years since the inception of Taftoon, we bring new recipes and creations from the treasure trove of years of research and travels.

And as always, we strive to nourish your soul with our offering and a wish

“Nooshe Jan”
(May your soul be Nourished)

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