Taftoon Bar & Kitchen

We at Yuksom Breweries Limited understands the need for a quality brew in a culture prevalent with rich brewing tradition, along with an attitude for good taste was established in 1987.

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Meter Long Kebab

In May of 2018 we had our first festival and in true Taftoon fashion we started off with a Meter-Long kabab bang! Tender and succulent mutton spiced with ancient and aromatic ingredients were expertly skewered on meter long skewers and placed above a hot coal flame till the meat was cooked to charred perfection. For this festival, we had to have special wooden stands made on which we could present the kabab in all its flavoursome glory. Placed and arranged on the table, the grandeur of the already royal kabab took everyone by surprise and we could see the awe on their faces. This festival went on for a month but after popular demand, it was brought back in for another month in November. We love it, our customers love it, we know that everyone else will also love it and that’s why the return of the ‘Meter Long Kabab’ has not been written off. Stay tuned and stay hungry.

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