Taftoon Bar & Kitchen

We at Yuksom Breweries Limited understands the need for a quality brew in a culture prevalent with rich brewing tradition, along with an attitude for good taste was established in 1987.

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Life @ Taftoon

“Our founder Pankaj roaming the streets of beautiful Shillong looking at the elusive Bhoot Jhalokia” chilli; one of the hottest chillies in the word and native to some north eastern part of the country. ”

"Giving new meaning to the words workplace fun”.

"Restaurant setup is extremely important. It’s the first impression we can make on our customers and we take that very seriously"

"Our Chef Varun meticulously checking every order that leaves the counter so that it adheres to the standards that we have set for ourselves. He’s also our in house IT guy and Jack of many trades."

"The Sil-batta in Hindi with 'sil' referring to flat stone and 'batta' referring to a cylindrical grinding stone is used for making chutneys and pastes. You can see it being used in our kitchen to make authentic and fine pastes too."

“The morchar or banana flower being prepped for the famous ’morchar’ cutlet hailing from Bengal. Served with a sweet tomato chutney and mustard . "

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