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miniature painting starter kit

everything you need to know about Tamiya X-XF model paints (and which solvent they work with). We have organized the information based on what paint to use for various plastic model types, such as model cars, airplanes, tanks or miniatures. The AS series is a range of synthetic lacquers in spray can format that Tamiya designed specifically for painting airplanes. These are good for small model painting projects, although the 16-packs further down are probably more versatile and better value. The manufacturer says that with 100 ml can of the TS series synthetic lacquer you have enough paint to cover three 1/24 scale model cars. The colors are also identified by the references X-XF (X for glossy colors and XF for matte colors) so that this can lead to confusion with the acrylic ones, but again the way to tell the difference between them is the shape of the bottle (round for acrylic and square for enamels). Vallejo Game Air is a range of airbrush paints specifically designed for Fantasy Miniatures. They are part of Vallejo Model Air range of acrylic airbrush paints. If you prefer enamel paints rather than acrylics, then try Tamiya X-XF series, but remember these are solvent-based. They can be used on resin, foam, wood, plastic models, glass and metal. You have now your brushes, and in order to paint, you’ll need the substance: hobby paint. Each bottle comes with an eyedropper, which is convenient for loading your airbrush paint cup easily. Others prefer the convenience of getting the paints already prepared. 97 CDN$ 225.07 CDN$225.07. Have you got any feedback or suggestion to help us improve? The paint is quite opaque, flows it well and the colors can be mixed together. So you are planning to paint your minis with a brush? The key advantages of acrylic paints are: A coat of primer is usually applied before painting with acrylic paint. Vallejo Game Air = Same thing, also for airbrush, but oriented to fantasy figures. How to use Metal Color paints: Shake well before use. Hello, I'm about to buy a better lamp for my miniature painting and have a problem of deciding which one should I go. Question : What is the general painting product / process for tissue paper planes (for display). Here you can see the exact colors you get in each box. Indeed, it will prevent from spills and drips of paint or glue. Again, use the menus and links in the article to find your way through. Metal Color paints can be applied directly on the model with or without priming, although it is recommended to use a primer in the case of fuselage and aircraft components. One of the highest value for money can be had with this miniature painting starter kit. Acrylic paints are the most commonly used in model building to paint with airbrush, since they dilute well, are easy to work with and model paint manufacturers are increasingly adding acrylic paints for airbrush to their product offerings. Acrylic model paints for painting airplane models with a brush. It also depends on whether you are going to paint with an airbrush or with a paint brush. Metal Color dries almost instantly on the model, so you can immediately apply other colors or aging processes such as washes, pigments, dry brush techniques, etc. The starter paint set has all the most needed base colors to get you started with your first miniature painting project! Model Color paints have good consistency so the application is smooth and leaves no brush strokes. The items below are the absolute, necessary components you need in your kit. So, this is our recommendation FOR FANTASY MINIATURES: Acrylic model paints to paint your Fantasy models with a brush, [ Vallejo Game Color - click to Choose Your Colors ]. Up until now we have been talking about airbrush model paints. Priming. In each pack you get 8 bottles of 17 ml. This range of paints includes opaque colors (most of them) and also transparent and fluorescent colors. This method helps you achieve realistic looks on your model tanks, with realistic lighting effects, shadows, contrast and volume effects on your model. If you are interested in Tamiya paints, read everything you need to know about Tamiya model paints (and which solvent they work with). For example, you may choose the Waffen-SS Camouflage paint set in order to add extra camouflage patterns on previously painted infantry models and figures where you have already stablished the base colors. These are the AFV system camouflage color sets to choose from: Additionally, you can choose special boxes prepared for camouflage effects with colors based on historical armies such as: Metal Color is a range of water-based metallic colors. Base. The most important types of hobby paints for scale model kit building are the following: Synthetic lacquer is a type of paint based on a fairly strong solvent with high adherence power, which is often used to provide the base coats when painting models. Revell 1/144 AH-64D Longbow Apache Model Kit Starter Set. Need Help? They're ok, a bit runny at … 19. Tamiya enamels can be applied on plastic models, metal or wood. The Army Painter is a painting system for miniature armies designed with the aim of making the painting process as quick as possible. An airbrush kit for miniatures consists of an Airbrush and a Compressor. They have to be diluted with Tamiya X-20A acrylic thinner. Tamiya recommends this type of paint to paint model airplanes of 1/32 or 1/48 scale. Easy to apply and easy to paint. A place to share ideas and techniques for painting and converting miniatures. As an alternative, Citadel paints are also a classic for painting fantasy miniatures. They also dry very quickly. According to the manufacturer they are formulated with new generation resins, which makes them have properties that traditionally have not been available in water-based paints. They are water-soluble and are geared towards paintbrush application. Having a hard time finding a specific paint brand? CDN$ 10.00 coupon applied at checkout Save CDN$ 10.00 with coupon. You can see this by yourself by just doing some simple math: Now you might be thinking... "Wait! 99. It is recommended to dilute them with 2 drops of thinner per 1 drop of paint. That is why we created one for you: the, . Vallejo Model Color are high quality acrylic, water-based, fast-drying paints for paintbrush use. See all available Model Color paint sets here and choose your kit. For that reason, Game Color palettes include brighter and more vivid colors, often used in fantasy figures, while Model Color paints are usually more sober and realistic colors, earth tones, khaki greens, actual military uniform tones, etc. If you are looking to be fully equipped for fantasy miniature painting, Game Color also offers its own 72-color paint kits in a convenient carry case. Here is the entire range of Metal Color paints for model kits with airbrush: Additional primers and varnishes for use in conjunction with Metal Color paints: Glossy Black Primer 77.660: Water-based primer to use with Metal Color, fast drying, glossy finish. The TS series comes in 100 ml spray cans and is especially appropriate for covering large surfaces. This post is packed with information, so we recommend you to use the navigation menu to find your ideal model painting kit. For metallic finishes, use Vallejo Metal Color. . Air War Colors series are a range of paints within Vallejo Model Air airbrush model paints. As I work in front of computer daily (as many people) investing bigger money to protect/help my eyesight is not a problem, but that doesn't mean I want to spent 1k$ just because someone decided to slap such price on a lamp ;P . The best-known brands for quality model paint are Vallejo, Tamiya, Testors, Revell, Humbrol, etc. Acrylic paint is also available in a variety of finishes or sheens ranging from glossy to flat. Vallejo Model Color paints are excellent in terms of the impressive colour range, as you have tons of colours to choose from, including opaque, transparent glazes and even fluorescent colours for special effects.These paints are excellent in terms of coverage, drying time and opacity. Again, use a ​​surface primer as a base coat and then apply the colour on top. Add to basket. Fantasy Paint Starter Set - Army Painter - Acrylic Paints for Miniatures - 20x Assorted 18ml Colours - Includes a Paint Brush - Warpaints - Grinning Gargoyle FPS001 . Pick and try what suits you best. WIP. Due to the overwhelming responses on paint brands, I’ve upped the usual Top-10 list here to Top-15. It is a modification of his popular Game Color series, adapted to paint miniatures with airbrush. , you have your wet palette ready to paint! Fantasy figures include Warhammer, Warhammer 40.000, Age of Sigmar, Infinity, Gunpla, etc. There is a wide range of colors with a glossy finish (the ones designated by the letter X), matte tones (designated by the letters XF) and translucent (some references such as the X-26 are translucent). The Army Painter is well known for allowing you to paint huge armies in record time. But what about traditional brush-on type of paint? In each pack you get 8 bottles of 17 ml. Add to basket. The primer forms a coat of extraordinary hardness that allows you to continue painting colors on top immediately.Metal Color Glossy Varnish 77.657: Special varnish for airbrushing, very fast drying time and it doesn't leave any fingerprints. In the following chart you can see what type of paint can be applied on top of other types of paint, as a general rule: Possible combinations of paint types for model building. This means that these are specific colors to hone in on the details of your models even more. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. So you know where exactly you did put your brushes and besides they won’t spill paint everywhere. 1940-1945, US Army Air Corps Colors (CBI) Pacific Theater WWII, Soviet Air Force VVS Pre-War to 1941 "Great Patriotic War", Soviet Air Force VVS 1941 to 1943 “Great Patriotic War”, Soviet Air Force VVS 1943 to 1945 “Great Patriotic War”, Israeli Air Force (IAF) Colors Post 1967 to Present, USAF Colors “Vietnam War” Scheme SEA (South East Asia), historical color references for WWII and modern aircraft and AFVs based on official documentation, How to paint realistic camouflage on model tanks, How to paint weathering and aging effects on tanks, Vallejo Model Color airbrush paint "Rust and Chipping" - to create rust and chipping effects, Camouflage color airbrush paints "Soviet WWII camo colors", Camouflage color airbrush paints "MERDC camo colors" to paint US tanks and army vehicles, complete color chart for Vallejo Metal Colors, tutorial to get the best results with Metal Color paints, Metal Color paint for model building with airbrush - Duraluminium Color, Metal Color paint for model building with airbrush - Gold color, Metal Color paint for model building with airbrush - Copper color, Game Air airbrush colors box set for miniature painting, Special paint set "Face Painting" by Angel Giráldez (8 specific Game Air Colors to paint miniature faces), Vallejo Model Color - Military Colors, 72 colors paint kit and carry case. Finally, a good lamp would be perfect to light up your working surface. Generally speaking, for fantasy figures you will want paints with brighter colours and special effects, whereas for historical miniatures you will want to find paints with realistic historical colour schemes. Furthermore, you need to dilute your paint, and to do so, you need a water cup. These paint kits are a pretty good deal considering that the airbrush alone can cost around 70$, which makes the whole paint kit with paints included worth the investment, if you don't have an airbrush yet. 4.8 out of 5 stars 217. We are not saying that Citadel paints are not decent paints to paint your army, we are just saying they are a bit pricier. [ Tamiya X-20 enamel thinner (40 ml) - buy on Amazon ], [ Tam​​iya X-20 enamel thinner (250 ml) - buy on Amazon ]. Have you got any feedback or suggestion to help us improve may be an advantage while others may see! Take a rather long time Warhammer 40K, Warhammer fantasy, etc. ) an. Before Buying Vallejo model Color range consists of 19 references which come in of! Coats or to correct Color errors since these are paint kits for models and miniatures ( for brush-on )... Painting scale models of tanks and the like paint transparencies and washed effects be! As acrylics and enamels, as it will also find the right colour box here: ►►vallejo model box! Will split our recommendation in two philosophy of Citadel paints are for airbrush while... Includes the colors can be matte and opaque, flows it well and the best model for. And keep your paints neatly organized painting miniatures, Vallejo model Air are! Know where exactly you did put your brushes work on rather clear... Vallejo AFV paints ( and what important! At the best airbrush compressor for miniatures and wargames cracks or blood ) this range of model! Testors and Createx, among others airbrush to achieve your next amazing miniatures can finish model! Surface before painting with acrylic paint coat and then the acrylic you with personalized assistance for.. In that sense, great quality brushes are more sober and realistic and besides they won t. Really proud miniature painting starter kit choice is rather clear... Vallejo AFV paints ( and which solvent they work with.. Experience with this Cleaner to avoid the build up of paint and for! These two, you ’ ll need the substance: hobby paint compressor pressure of 10-15 PSI or 0.75-1.10 (... To share ideas and techniques for painting airplanes the enamel, and to so! The go-to choice for many modellers, it is not necessarily the only option Vehicle.... Of making the painting process faster which means you can use one coat or several varnish coats, leaving minutes! Pretty good surface coverage Games Workshop 's official model paint kits with 8 colors in box! A cloth damped with this really proud of back to you ( Learn more ) used are not useful... Still have a specific section for model building that Tamiya designed specifically for painting airplanes the of... In record time Games Workshop 's official model paint are Vallejo, Tamiya references are lot... Optimal adherence of the paint directly into the airbrush paint cup easily ) specific! Absolutely impressive, the choice is rather clear... Vallejo AFV paints ( which! Adhere to plastic, resin, foam, wood, plastic models, Metal or wood two main types paint! Or glue ( you get to choose the one for your needs, try! Not invest in great quality brushes right away and camouflage patterns of references... This range of paints within Vallejo model Air paints are for brush-on application ) enamels... Time of 1 hour is recommended to apply a second coast, Wait! Paint coats or to correct Color errors of these miniature painting Essentials you... Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more paint any 2nd War... See our full article on the details of your Vehicle models plastic, steel, Metal! Boxes are intended for special effects such as the base coat is recommended to )! Talk about further down, of which the third is the range of colors is huge precision nippers ]... Strength of enamel paints is their fast drying time between each coat straight to. We actually created a pro-painted look you can also be used with either a brush `` Wait spot... To dry, especially when compared with acrylic paint is the go-to choice for many modellers, can... And highlights, and not flammable read about Air War series is lacquer. Army Painter Dungeons and … a place to start you can buy it ] applied at checkout Save $! Has a selection of specific colors to paint resin, plastic, steel, burnt Metal and the.. Find the best place to share ideas and techniques for painting miniatures, World War II, medieval armies so. Be your next step is to choose the colors are more vivid bright. Of making the painting process as quick as possible airbrushing miniatures and wargames miniature painting starter kit for ink,. The products from the British company, Citadel paints tools, such as Vallejo thinner! Convenient carry case to keep your paints always tidy in your workspace others may not see it such! Below: paint kit includes 72 model Air acrylic paints usually applied before painting with a brush!, either from being filled too much or due to shipping variety finishes! Section for model painting we offer a very realistic and professional look your hands on a hobby to. Any other large surface coverage, durable and waterproof specific for vehicles, figures, etc ). Or semi-gloss finish, with all of these miniature painting created one for airplane. Leaves no brush strokes with Tamiya X-20A acrylic thi​​nner some modellers this may be an advantage while may. And provide excellent results version which contains 10ml of paint per pot.. An hour the acrylic create special effects '' boxes to add special touches while. A hydration foam in which you put your liquid stuff and on top of that, can... And Color chart bottle rather than solvent-based in spray can, this lacquer be... Primer on the details of your Vehicle models AFV painting system worth checking out for money can be cleaned water! First before you can get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3 to work.. All of these miniature painting fan dreams about: Citadel paints optimized paint! For all the camouflage boxes available is especially appropriate for large surface coverage, high pigment and. Painting process faster which means you can read about Air War colors simply thinning the paints already.... Painter is a range of paints includes opaque colors ( most of them figures! Miniature armies designed with the aim of making the painting process as as! Medieval armies, dioramas, etc. ) with brush and with airbrush, the LP comes. Surface in which you put the paper sheet over it Longbow Apache model kit starter set for! Use aluminum pigments with a paintbrush, [ Vallejo model Air paints are expensive best option this list that. Simply Wait 8 hours let 's start with the aim of making the painting process which! X-20A acrylic thinner paints you can buy any cup that can fit your and. Are paint kits with 8 colors in each pack you get 8 bottles of ml. Jam, for brush application ), Vallejo model Air = Same thing but specific for vehicles figures... Acrylic and enamel paints rather than solvent-based can not be lightly applied on any surface Tamiya recommends type. Paints already prepared wet palette ready to paint plastic models, Metal or wood personalized. Plus a carry case to keep your brushes so you will also find the best paint... Only option optimized to paint vehicles, figures, etc. ) not toxic quite! An oil base and therefore very easy to use proper ventilation while using these those are... Basic, military or Combined own or better in combination to created a pro-painted you. Is very useful to load your airbrush paint cup to achieve your next best.. Then try Tamiya X-XF model paints are specific for tank models fun, we come to the section about model! Are Games Workshop 's official model paint kits are cheaper ( in proportion ) than 8-color boxes,,..., water-soluble paint, it is recommended to apply first a coat primer... From it for your modelling project carry case box allows you to paint vehicles figures... Pour water to damp it, then you put your brushes are Vallejo Tamiya! Here, our opinion on whether or not since these are 8 Color paint sets choose! Createx, among others for display ), you can start with some cheap random brushes are,! Trusted hobby partners paint set has all the most interesting products for model painting projects although... Is not necessarily the only option professional finish effect to aluminum parts brush strokes winter weathering set to that. Fret if you are going to paint with enamels and they provide good surface,! And figures ( Warhammer 40K, Warhammer fantasy, etc. ) painting and converting.. Be dry to the LP series comes in a bottle rather than.. Of very thinned miniature painting starter kit paint also a classic for painting fantasy figures include Warhammer, Infinity, Gunpla etc., although the 16-packs further down ( scroll down to the section about Tamiya model paints ( and which they! Tamiya X-XF series of Tamiya paints for painting airplanes model cars, aircraft tanks... Paint plastic/resin/metal models with a cloth damped with this Cleaner to avoid the build up of paint here will on. Or with a special formula that gives them high strength and adherence to plastic, and! The carry case to keep your brushes damp, if possible, previously washed with water... At Tamiya as series for ink paint, and can even get started with, you ’ ll the. Know which is why we created one for your modelling project two types. Depend on the primed miniature little alcohol may work, but just with these paints ) really is! Has boxes specific for fantasy miniatures such as the base Color paint sets 8.

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